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Monthly Archives: April 2015

Higher Purpose Podcast #16: Erik Stolhanske

In this episode, we interview Erik Stolhanske a writer, actor, and stand up comedian best known for co-creating and starring as “Rabbit” in the 2001 comedy, Super Troopers. A founding member of the production company, Broken Lizard, Erik and his team have taken an unconventional route to build their own path in the film industry. […]

Higher Purpose 2015 Summit Recap: Atlanta, GA

March 19-22, 2015- Our first summit of the year took place outside of Atlanta, GA in the Cherokee National Forest, bringing together 32 selected applicants from 6 different countries. Highlights Welcome Dinner With an emphasis placed on developing a welcoming environment, we customized our dining experience for each attendee to enjoy and remember. Outdoor Challenges […]