New England Summit Launch: Coming August 2014

The Higher Purpose Project is a unique 4 day program specifically designed to help attendees discover their passions and greatest talents, overcome fears and limiting beliefs, build authentic connections with fellow heroes, and provide practical tools and strategies to create a life aligned with a higher purpose. Are you willing to embark upon the adventure and discover the power within to be your own hero? 
SPRING SUMMITS (August 28-31st or September 4-7th, 2014): The 4-day Higher Purpose Project Summit will take place outside Boston, MA and give each member in opportunity to interact face to face with our carefully selected group of heroes. This will be a culminating event for Higher Purpose Project attendees and all details will be provided once the application process has been completed. To learn more, please check out our FAQ Section. We are excited to bring HPP to New England!

Every hero needs a justice league…

longphot2In a world of transition, there is no better time to connect with fellow visionaries that are committed to pursuing their passions and being the change within their communities. What if we had the ability to create our realities through our perceptions? What if we were no longer afraid to fail at what we cared most about?

In the beginning it can be very difficult confronting the views of traditional media, our loving parents, and those in our communities that unconsciously oppose what we are most passionate about. In response to this, we created The Higher Purpose Project. Over the course of 4 days, you will build a community of life long relationships, discover strengths you never had, and begin to unleash your gifts upon the world.

Our leadership team consists of some of the most amazing human beings you will ever meet, including a congenial amputee that crawled to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro, a man that learned from his setbacks early in life to become an international adventurer and film star, a woman that conquered the Seven Summits in addition to leading her 13 year old son to the top of Mt. Everest, a young man who won the ABC Reality Show, Expedition Impossible, a blind man that reached the top of Mt. Everest through believing in his internal vision, a photographer who will be the first to capture Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic Space Mission, an entrepreneur who roller bladed from NYC to LA to deliver a deeper message to his generation, a film producer who embarked on the hero’s journey to create the award winning documentary, Finding Joe… And that’s only a small preview! Do you have the courage to live a life aligned with your highest purpose?


10 Reasons Why

You Will Want To Be A Part Of The Higher Purpose Project

11bwThey say that you are the sum of your 5 closest friends. By being a part of The Higher Purpose Project, you will have an opportunity to build intimate relationships with fellow heroes who have consciously created their lives. All attendees will have full access to speakers, leadership team, and fellow members to hang out and ponder life’s biggest questions. At the end of the 4 day Summit, you will have lifetime access to our leadership team and HPP alumni as you continue your journey. How about that for motivation and support?


You will discover your power to “be” your own hero

2The purpose of this project is to help you discover your power to live a heroic life aligned with a higher purpose. Each member of our leadership team has embarked upon the journey and confronted the necessary adversities to help you with this process that few grasp in our society. We view each attendee as an equal and will invest all of our time and effort ensuring that you have what you need to embody our core message around the World. This process isn’t for the faint of heart, so we will be very selective in who we choose to admit into the program.


You will live it up in one of the most beautiful, natural locations in the World

beautiful3The Higher Purpose Project consciously selects the most beautiful natural destinations around the world to allow attendees to reconnect with nature and reset limiting beliefs. Over the course of the 4 day Summit, you will have an opportunity to experience a physical environment that few will see with their own eyes. These carefully chosen locations will be conducive to optimum growth and regeneration ( a hero’s training ground).


You will become a catalyst in the evolution of our society

4Our world is in the state of transition and there is no better time than NOW to embark upon your journey. Through participating in The Higher Purpose Project you will become a catalyst in your community and aid in transforming old systems that no longer serve us. We will provide you with the necessary tools and insight to increase your power to aid those that need it most. You will make a difference and you will be the hero that empowers those around you.

5FUNWe believe that work and play are synonymous to living a fulfilling life. Over the course of the 4-day Summit, you will experience exhilarating adventures that you never thought possible. Former attendees have called The HPP Summit, “The most exciting event in their lives.” Are you willing to embark upon the adventure to come to your own conclusion?

6skillsIn addition to working with some of the strongest leaders in the world, The Higher Purpose Project will provide resources and a tested support structure to ensure you that maximize your potential. With over 200 active members, you will build strong relationships with individuals that are taking responsibility for their path.


You will have 1 on 1 access to some of the world’s greatest leaders and change agents

7bThere are very few events in the world that present the opportunity to have dinner with a 23 year old that has successfully built a fully sustainable community in a foreign country, roast s’mores with a woman that led her 13 year old son to the top of Everest, hike with a young man born without arms and legs that successfully crawled to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro, run trails with an NCAA Record Holder turned visionary entrepreneur, observe the night sky with a 30 year old pilot that will be among the first to creatively photograph Space through a partnership with Richard Branson, and roller blade with a young man that skated from NY to LA to empower his generation. The crazy thing is, we aren’t even scratch­ing the surface of all the amazing people you will meet!


You will be part of an exclusive, invite only event

This initiative will attract some of the strongest human beings around the World. Since 2012, The Higher Purpose Project has conducted 5 Summits and worked with over 200 change makers in building large scale projects. With such a high demand for admittance, we can ensure that spaces will be limited to that are committed to making a difference. Please be sure you take the time to put your best effort into the application process!

9headerIn 2014, it is estimated that it costs nearly $100,000 to obtain an MBA from a top tier business school. For the phenomenal price of $1195 (if you apply by August 1st), you will have access to some of the world’s greatest change agents, enjoy a 3 night, 4 day stay in one of the most beautiful locations in the World, connect with peers who are driven to be the change in their communities, and obtain the necessary skills through direct experiences to build a life aligned with your passions. What more could you ask for?


If for some reason you don’t enjoy the experience, we will refund your money in full

If the HPP experience doesn’t align with your particular path after 30 days, we are more than happy to refund your money in full without any questions asked. Our team fully believes in the power and impact of our platform and values the perspectives of our members.

transparent-arrows2  APPLY NOW!

The Core Team

longphotoThe Higher Purpose Project is a unique program specifically designed to help attendees discover their passions and greatest talents, overcome fears and limiting beliefs, build authentic connections with fellow heroes, and provide practical tools and strategies to create a life aligned with a higher purpose.

This is the stuff you wished you learned in school and through this intimate experience you have an opportunity to obtain the mindset and tools to become that movie heroine you always idolized rather than relegating yourself to a movie theatre. Through tapping into the power that often lies dormant, you will suddenly realize your ability to positively influence others and build amazing, authentic relationships aligned with your core. Do you have the courage to embark upon the adventure and “be” your own hero?

How It Started

The Higher Purpose Project in its current evolution was created through the collective experiences of Dan Adams and Victoria Gigante as they witnessed the ever growing need for leadership in ailing communities. After completing the 2012 ESPY award winning initiative Mission Kilimanjaro, Dan had the opportunity to meet many of the world’s strongest leaders and through these interactions began to visualize the foundation of an event that would allow people to discover their own power to build their path. Since inception, The Higher Purpose Project has conducted seven summits in various locations around the US and is focused on global impact in 2015.

Leadership Team

What others are saying about The Higher Purpose Project

header-photo2They say that you are the sum of your 5 closest friends. By being a part of The Higher Purpose Project, you will have an opportunity to build intimate relationships with fellow heroes who have consciously created their lives. All attendees will have full access to speakers, leadership team, and fellow members to hang out and ponder life’s biggest questions. With such a grueling selection process, you will connect with those that are driven to create change rather than just theorizing about it.


austin-szelkowskiAustin Szelkowski

A young entrepreneur who took on the challenge of roller blading from NYC to LA to empower his generation to expand their perceptions and become accountable for their lives. Austin was a part of the “Original 25″ that took part in our pilot project and we were so amazed by his leadership that we asked him to join our team! Austin leads several successful online marketing companies and we like to call him the Freedom Rider.

molly-levittMolly Levitt

Molly is the founder of BrightLoop, an app that helps teachers connect with student learning styles. She stumbled into entrepreneurship while teaching, quickly witnessing the need for teachers to better connect to their students. When she couldn’t find a solution, she decided to create it herself – leading to the creation of BrightLoop. BrightLoop is currently being piloted at Harvard University, Boston College, and several charter schools throughout the New England area.

sam-solieSam Solie

Sam is an athlete turned entrepreneur. After winning a National Championship in lacrosse at Duke, he worked at an investment bank in NYC, helped launch a startup sushi restaurant in Denver, worked at Unreasonable Institute in Boulder, and most recently founded Maven Summit to connect professionals through outdoor adventure.  Sam strongly believes in the power of the outdoors and adventure to inspire connection – both personally and interpersonally – and is excited to do just this through the Higher Purpose Project.

jordan-romeroJordan Romero

In avid mountain climber and participant in adventure sports, Jordan became the youngest person to summit Mt. Everest at 13 years, 10 months and the youngest person to conquer the Seven Summits at 15 years, 5 months. Led by his step-mother, Karen Lundgren, Team Romero is a special unit that has persevered through tremendous adversity to bring lofty dreams to reality. Jordan is excited to embark upon his next adventure… college.

jeff-evansJeff Evans

In avid adventure seeker, Jeff served as the “eyes” for blind climber, Erik Weihenmayer, in his quest to become the first blind man to reach the top of Everest. Since the 2001 expedition, Jeff founded the adventure company, Mountain Vision, in addition to appearing in several documentaries and television shows. Currently, Jeff serves as a motivational speaker and expedition guide for Soldiers To Summits.

craig-scottCraig Scott

A young motivational speaker and filmmaker, Craig has seen a lot in his 31 years of life. At the age of 16, Craig experienced one of the most horrific shootings in history, witnessing the death of two close friends and later learning of the passing of his sister at Columbine High School. Despite confronting the darkness early in life, Craig has chosen to be the “light” in our modern world, sharing a message of compassion and forgiveness through his family’s Non-Profit, Rachel’s Challenge.

karen-lundgrenKaren Lundgren

The closest thing to a female MacGuyver that you will meet in this life. Karen is the 9th American woman to summit Everest and the only mother in the World to take her 13 year old son along for the journey (Jordan is the youngest person to summit Everest). In 2011, she completed the Seven Summits and is one of the strongest and most compassionate leaders you will encounter. Oh, and she is also an All American Skier that has crushed adventure races on every continent around the World. Intimidated? Don’t be… it’s just Super K!

jordan-lejuwaanJordan Lejuwaan

If Professor Xavier had a 23 year old physical form, Jordan would be it. The founder of, Jordan has connected millions of young people around the World to expand perceptions and build visions. In 2012, he founded the Valhalla Project alongside Marc Coppola to connect young creators and empower sustainable living in Canada. For more information on his groundbreaking initiative, please check out A portion of the proceeds from HPP will be donated directly to the Valhalla Project.

Pat Solomon

The Hero’s Journey has become an instrumental philosophy among members of the younger generations so why not bring in the man that Directed the award winning documentary, Finding Joe. Based upon the philosophy of Joseph Campbell, Pat is an expert in the power of pursuing your bliss and he has a formula that proves it. An avid surfer and outdoor enthusiast, Pat does more than produce/direct films, he lives them.

kyle-maynardKyle Maynard

Born without arms and legs, Kyle has never succumbed to the idea of physical limitation. An avid wrestler in high school, Kyle discovered the power of perception and won 32 matches his senior year. Not content with his athletic achievements as a teenager, he fought an MMA fight against an abled body opponent that was featured in the ESPN documentary “A Fighting Chance”. In 2011, he partnered with Dan Adams and created Mission Kilimanjaro, focused on confronting fears and limited perceptions to reach the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro without assistance. He succeeded and became the only man to crawl up Africa’s largest peak, winning his second ESPY for male disabled athlete of the year. When Kyle comes to an event, the bar gets raised. What is your excuse? 

warren-macdonaldWarren Macdonald

Always in search of adventure, Warren set out on what was supposed to be a revitalizing backpacking trip to Hinchinbrook Island, off the northeast coast of Australia. Climbing to the summit of the islands tallest peak, he became trapped beneath a one-ton boulder in a freak rock fall. As Warren lay crushed, his travel companion raced down the mountain to get help. Warren’s “test of will” lasted two days before a helicopter arrived and he was rescued. The accident would cost him the loss of both legs, amputated at mid thigh. Just ten months later, Warren climbed Tasmania’s Cradle Mountain using a modified wheelchair and the seat of his pants. In February 2003, he became the first double above-knee amputee to reach the summit of Africa’s tallest peak, Mt Kilimanjaro (19,222ft). More recently, in a spectacular effort requiring 2800 pull-ups over 3 days, Warren made an ascent of America’s tallest cliff face, El Capitan. Warren’s inspiring story will empower attendees to confront their own fears and perceived limitations. What’s In Your Way?

kellyKelly Sullivan Walden

A NY Times Best Selling Author, certified clinical hypnotherapist, inspirational speaker and founder of Dream-Life Coach Training; Kelly is a featured Dream Expert for Fox News and recently appeared on the Ricki Lake Show. She has written seven books including It’s All In Your Dreams and the #1 bestseller I Had The Strangest Dream. She has  also published several articles that have been featured in Woman’s World, Cosmopolitan, Seventeen, and the Los Angeles Times. Kelly will work with attendees to better understand the benefit of dream analysis and how to take steps in waking life to bring them to reality. Who needs Carl Jung when you have Kelly Sullivan Walden? Just call her the dream doctor….

ericEric James

A constant seeker of adventure, Eric has founded several successful online businesses and become an award winning photographer, capturing the attention of countless media outlets including NBC, FOX, and National Geographic. His ability to lead through action has led to becoming a popular guest lecturer at the University of Colorado on the topics of Photography, Technology, and Entrepreneurship. He recently established a partnership with famous entrepreneur, Richard Branson, and hopes to be the first photographer to capture Virgin Galactic’s commercial shuttle to space.

taylor-filaskyTaylor Filasky

An avid adventurer and outdoor enthusiast, Taylor is a celebrity of sorts for winning the NBC Reality Show, Expedition Impossible, as a member of the three man Modern Gypsies.. A compassionate young leader, Taylor sees no obstacles and lives his life in accordance with higher principles. The founder of a web series focused on compassionate adventures all around the World, he is one of the most amazing young people you will ever meet. No need for autographs, he’ll ensure that you reach your own highest potential while in Big Bear!

thad-robertsThad Roberts

If you’re an adventure seeker, look no further than Thad Roberts. Always willing to push the boundaries, Roberts was part of one of the biggest heist in US history at the age of 26, stealing a 600 lb safe of moon rocks from Johnson Space Center to impress a girl. Learning from his early mistakes, Thad put his energies into expanding upon Einstein’s theory of spacetime, developing an eleven dimensional model that describes the vacuum as superfluid. He has also been embarking upon wild adventures across the World. His life story served as the inspiration for Ben Mezrich’s award winning book “Sex On The Moon” and is slated to made into a feature film by Director Will Gluck. Thad is one of the most compassionate people we have met and we look forward to sharing his gifts and willingness to confront the unknown with HPP attendees.

lianna-carreraLianna Carrera

Born the daughter of a Southern Baptist Minister and a deaf mother, Lianna learned at a young age that being “different” was nothing to fear. Throughout her childhood, Lianna  possessed the special ability to make people laugh in the most difficult situations. Upon completing her collegiate athletic career, Lianna went on to pursue her passion for comedy, performing shows nationally and internationally which include Laugh Factory LA, The Tennessee Performing Arts Center, Parker’s Comedy & Jive (Johannesberg, South Africa), and The Capital Comedy Club in Dublin, Ireland. Lianna is a true hero that discovered her power to build her path through confronting the darkness. 

takashi-docherTakashi Doscher

An award winning director/writer from Atlanta, GA, Takashi made the conscious choice to pursue his passion for film despite having no formal education or experience in the industry. A Fighting Chance, his first feature documentary, premiered on ESPN in November 2010 and in a 2-week sneak preview launched as the #1 Film and #1 Documentary on Hulu. He is the youngest person to sell a film to ESPN in addition to being featured and discussed in the Washington Post, MovieFone, IndieWire, Fancast, Short of the Week, and Director’s Notes, among others.

stephanie-torresStephanie Dandan

An exceptional photographer based out of Southern California, Stephanie has the rare gift of “sight” that very few will grasp in this lifetime. A constant seeker of adventure, Stephanie spent the past year in Asia expanding her photography portfolio and perspective on life. The Founder of Infinite Satori, Stephanie will offer attendees a fresh perspective on rediscovering beauty within and without.

stephanie-torresMonique Evans
Monique Evans traveled extensively around the world working with global brands including Levi’s, Quiksilver and STA Travel, specializing in marketing to the Gen Y demographic. During her journeys she not only experienced the beauty and culture of several developing countries, but also the needs of the local people that didn’t appear to be receiving the financial benefits from the tourism industry. SYRV was created in an effort to give back where it seemed impossible not to while offering a trip that engages the community while fulfilling the cultural and adventure aspects of traveling. Monique has recently worked as Supervising Producer on Summit on the Summit, a celebrity driven initiative to raise awareness for the global water crisis and climb of Mount Kilimanjaro during which she orchestrated the well digs for 5 villages in Ethiopia as well as managed all brand, web and campaign development.
stephanie-torresDavid Duley

An entreprenuer, author, restaurant owner, and world changer, David Duley is empowering members of the younger generations to be the change in their communities. David recently published his book, “I Can Fix America”, to provide humanity with 52 simple actions that can help solve issues plaguing our current society. In his small amount of free time, he hosts the popular podcast, The Controversial Truth, alongside Rob Wolf. If you’re in Atlanta, we highly recommend checking out his award winning restaurant, The Nook!

stephanie-torresAlexi Panos

A modern day renaissance woman, Alexi Panos sees no limits in life. The host of the HGTV show, “Run My Makeover”, Alexi has excelled in modeling, entrepreneurship, music, acting, and the non-profit world. The Founder of E.P.I.C. (Every Day People Inspiring Change) she is the light within her community and will be a key change agent in our evolving world.

laura_fredricksonLaura Fredrickson

Laura Fredrickson is an evolutionary leader, empowerment specialist, speaker, and Founder of “Priceless”, whose global mission is to promote self worth beyond net worth. As a trusted advisor, coach,  and consultant, Laura has enriched the lives of countless individuals, to include: Transformational Leaders, Fortune 500 Executives, UN Ambassadors, Diplomats, Celebrities, Entrepreneurs, Companies, and Corporations.
Laura is noted for her innate ability to support the realization of our deepest purpose and the activation of our highest potential. She inspires us to live the lives we were born to lead.

lee-soikHunter Lee Soik

Equal parts innovation strategist and entrepreneur, Hunter Lee Soik combines an interest in technology and fashion with a broad understanding of production both digital and physical. Armed with an intra-disciplinary skill set that transcends a single career path, Hunter has designed experiences for some of the world’s most exciting brands: from Stella McCartney and Art Basel to Kanye West and Jay-Z’s Watch the Throne tour.
Fluent in navigating the languages, conventions and institutional barriers of various disciplines, Hunter founded Wardenclyffe Institute, an innovation consulting group that forms brief networks to solve problems, in 2009. Curious about the discoveries that could be found in dreams, in 2013 Hunter founded SHADOW an iOS alarm clock that helps users remember and record their dreams

jay-ellisJay Ellis

Jay grew up as an only child in a military family traveling all around the world including Germany and the Philipines. After graduating from Metro Christian Academy in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Jay attended Concordia University in Portland Oregon where he received a scholarship for basketball. Following four years of academics and athletics, Jay made the decision to pursue his love of entertainment, joining a modeling firm which led to featured campaigns in Abercrombie & Fitch, Air Jordan Brand, Diesel, and The Gap. At the age of 28, Jay made a pact with himself to pursue his ultimate love of acting for the next two years. As a result of following his dream, he landed the starring role of Bryce “Blue” Westbrook on BET’s The Game. The journey is just beginning…

nassir-ghaemiDr. Nassir Ghaemi

Dr. Nassir Ghaemi is an academic psychiatrist specializing in mood illnesses, especially bipolar disorder. He is Professor of Psychiatry and Pharmacology at Tufts Medical Center in Boston, where he directs the Mood Disorders Program.
A NY Times Best Selling Author, Dr. Ghaemi found a connection between mental illness (mania) and leadership. In his book, A First Rate Madness, Ghaemi argues that some of humanity’s greatest leaders developed their ability to thrive in crisis situations through personal experiences confronting inner darkness.
Outside of his clinical work and research, his main interests are in philosophy and public health. His interests in philosophy center on understanding the mind and mental illness, but also extend to an interest in Islamic thinkers and Sufism. He is a member of the Executive Committee of the Association for the Advancement of Philosophy and Psychiatry.

erik-weihenmayerErik Weihenmayer

We saved the best for last. Erik dealt with adversity early in life when he lost his vision and was forced to ask the bigger questions. Those questions led him to the top of Everest, becoming first blind person to reach the summit, on May 25, 2001. He also did the same for Mount Ararat. He also completed the Seven Summits in September 2002. In 1996 he was inducted into the National Wrestling Hall of Fame. The Founder of No Barriers USA, Erik had such a positive influence on Dan and Kyle during the building of Mission Kilimanjaro that they felt it was impossible to conduct this project without him. Oh, and he also does white water kayaking, acrobatic skydiving, long distance biking, marathon running, skiing and free style rock climbing.

“The Higher Purpose Project was one of the most radically thought-provoking, emotional and transformative 4 days of my life. When inner and interpersonal barriers are broken powerful shifts occur.”

Jordan Lejuwaan Founder of High Existence and The Valhalla Movement


“Dan Adams and Phil Drolet are extraordinary facilitators who lead from the heart and live the message of transformation they bring to others. Their compassionate authenticity gives participants permission to express their own inherent greatness and to share hidden talents that the world is longing to know. I recommend the Higher Purpose Project to anyone desiring a vibrant life living at one’s highest potential.”

Munishwarji Walking Tall - Spiritual Head, Temple of the Inner Self, Atlanta, Georgia

What Former Participants Are Saying…

ginger-kern“To take 4 days to separate from the outside world and come to a beautiful space where everyone around you intensely wants you to step into your full power and confidence as a creator of positive impact is to experience the Higher Purpose Project at its purest. Surrounded by a team of superheroes, I emerged from the experience focused and vibrant, with an action plan to take on the year and manifest my vision of impact.”
Ginger Kern, (Boulder, CO)
michael-toorThe Higher Purpose Project has taken me on an infinitely vast journey as far within as it has without. Throughout the time you spend together with the other attendees, you will experience unprecedented levels of motivation through the fascinating stories that are shared and compelling presentations you witness. You will create life-long bonds and become part of a family in which unconditional love is an understatement. Having been an attendee multiple times, I can say with confidence that the team behind the Higher Purpose Project consistently puts together an incredible, life-changing agenda filled with blissful meditation, soulful sharing, and truly genuine connection. What better way is there to find, confront, and overcome your ‘limits’ and fears than with some of the most genuine, loving, caring, and wise people around? Michael Toor, (Toronto, ON)
cam-perron“Throughout my four days at the HPP I met tons of unbelievably unique people, all with immense passions for their interests. I engaged in a lot of activities that were new and previously unknown to me, and had a blast!! Some of the people I met here will be lifelong friends.” Cam Perron, (New Orleans, LA)
jack-petersonI loved meeting and getting to know the amazing, like-minded and highly conscious people who attended the HPP 2014. I created unforgettable bonds with many if not all of them. Hearing the various speakers’ talks was incredibly inspiring and worth the trip in itself. Throughout the weekend my mind was expanded and many of my deepest fears and limiting beliefs vanished. I am forever grateful for this event and plan to attend many more in the future. - Jack Peterson, (Austin, TX)
tara-huffmanHPP takes you into a collaborative community to explore your internal world to create magic in your external world.” ** “This weekend was pivotal for me. I have never felt more open, centered, and connected. These are incredibly difficult for me and I am amazed at how I was able to jump in. I can’t wait for the next Summit! “
Tara Carignan Huffman, (Atlanta, GA)
sam-solie“The Higher Purpose Project changed the course of my life.  It bonded me with a group of badass, loving people; opened my eyes to new ways of thinking/opportunities, and forced me to take action in the direction of who I truly want to be.  I’m forever bonded to the HPP community!” –Sam Solie, (Boulder, CO)
philip-johnson“The Higher Purpose Project was one of the most life-changing experiences I’ve been blessed to be a part of. Never before had I been around so many inspiring, powerful people all working towards helping each other achieve their greatest goals. The environment created by this gathering was immediately one of genuine openness, honesty, non-judgment, and possibility. The combination of being able to build meaningful connections with unique and gifted individuals, while participating in talks and workshops designed to give us practical tools to shape our lives towards meeting our highest goals and desires created an atmosphere of astounding support and inspiration that collectively propelled the group forward on each of our individual paths. It was truly an unforgettable experience that has allowed me to jump light years ahead on my path to my higher purpose.” —Philip Johnson (Minneapolis, MN)
cam-adairThe Higher Purpose Project was exactly what I knew it would be: powerful. I’ve been a part of many different personal development retreats and what sets the HPP apart is the authenticity it lives by. In personal development circles it’s easy to get caught up in the idea of living a kickass life of your dreams without taking any action. HPP lives by example. At HPP you are constantly surrounded by people doing amazing things, regardless of what field they fall into, and that inspires you to back up what you say and kick ass yourself, without the intimidating factor because you have the encouragement and support you need to see it through. It’s a true honor to be a part of the HPP and I couldn’t recommend it more honestly. –Cam Adair, (Belgium, Germany)
monique-evans“There are no words for the brilliance and love shared this weekend at The Higher Purpose Project Summit. A weekend I’ll never forget and relationships that will continue to make a difference.”
–Monique Evans, (Los Angeles, CA)
molly-levitt“The Higher Purpose Project taught me strategies to be engaged in my life and to not be afraid to take risks and to fail. I have been inspired not just in the things I have learned but the people that I was able to connect with. We have in just a short time become a supportive family that believes in living the life of your choosing.”
- Molly Levitt, (Boston, MA)
katherine-robinson“The Higher Purpose Project has connected me to some incredible people and elevated me to a higher level of consciousness. The whole experience injected me with so much excitement and encouragement that I have been motivated to take on leadership roles in many aspects of my life. I also have twenty-five new close connections that inspire me every day to move forward with power, grace and enthusiasm.”
–Katherine Taylor Robinson, (St. Petersburg, FL)
austin-szelkowski“The Higher Purpose Project has provided a fundamental shift in the way that I approach my work and family life. Before, I was so focused on systems, strategy, and logical approaches to problems in my life. Now, I’m thinking like a leader. Everyone challenge I face, now, I seem to take a leadership bias, which is making all the difference. It’s what’s quickly making my vision board goal of $20,000/month in personal income a reality. It’s also what’s making me see far beyond simple business success. The attitude of my flight has shifted. I’m aiming much higher, and I know how to get there. Thank you, truly.” –Austin Szelkowski, (Detroit, MI)
normaThe Higher Purpose Project completely altered my perceptions and gave me the tools and strength to continue gaining power over my mind and life. I also met some of the most incredible human beings to grace this planet. I highly recommend this adventure to anyone who would dare to think outside the box and take the journey deep in to their mind.” –Norma Tallulah Shea, (Los Angeles, CA)
elizabeth-hiott“Thank you so much for the Higher Purpose Project! In less than 2 months, I’ve already faced a drawing fear of completing a full length monologue…learned to love myself more…learned to trust my instinct more, learned to kick limiting beliefs to the curb, learned the power of connectedness and presence… Wow…I’m nowhere near ending this list… But most of all, THANK YOU to HPP (the HIGHER PURPOSE PROJECT) for giving me one of the most wonderful gifts of all–the most powerful, loving, supportive FAMILY I could ever have imagined being a part of. These relationships are AUTHENTIC…and will last LIFETIMES. –Elizabeth Hiott, (Atlanta, GA) 
clem-aeyeung“The Higher Purpose Project is a ‘cannot miss’ experience! Before immersing in this project, I’ve been told what I ‘should’ be doing, how to be happy and ‘successful’, and who I need to become to fit into this world. At the summit, I had the chance to dive deep into what it really meant to be ‘me’ in this world, in this lifetime. Through the support of genuine friends I’ve developed there, I’ve had the courage to rediscover my inner most insecurities and fears, and even accepted my flaws and failures. By doing so, I’ve started to feel a sense of calm and clarity I need to align how I want to live, work, and play. But all of that started with facing my fears and sharing my vulnerabilities in a beautiful setting, surrounded by people who are also seeking to live more intentionally and authentically.”
–Clem Auyeung, (Minneapolis, MN)
kyra-shugt“The Higher Purpose Project is fundamentally a gathering of great minds. Those who are seeking to heighten the good they are committed to are generally admirable individuals. This pilot program was no exception. In the weeks prior to the retreat it was evident that this journey was about an inner inquiry with exterior guidance through mental practices. The Summit was a beautiful culmination in the midst of this process. It was spectacular to see how community can come together and truly build supportive habits, relationships and potential for change. Simply to experience this positively intense weekend was a gift because it felt as though you and everyone else around was dedicated to being present.” –Kyra Schugt, (Minneapolis, MN)
brian-mclain“I would say that signing on with the Higher Purpose Project was the best decision I have ever made hands down.  Not only do I feel like I learned so much from all the speakers and workshops and going to such a beautiful place, but I know that I have made some lifelong connections with people who have the same feelings and desires that I do.  I would not have been able to do this without signing onto this group, and fully committing to doing whatever it takes and whatever is asked of me along the way.  I feel like everyone who joined had the same mentality, and it created such an open and inviting culture of acceptance and love.  Phil and Dan created something transformative, something greater than my expectations when hearing about the group creation, and they were pretty high expectation.  I can’t thank everyone enough.” –Brian McLain, (San Antonio, Texas)

What fellow thought leaders are saying about The Higher Purpose Project:

kelly-sullivan-walden“When people ask me about The Higher Purpose Project I tell them it’s an intimate TED conference in the mountains…in addition to being pure rocket fuel for the soul. The combination of heightened energy, exercises to uplift the body, mind, soul and spirit, as well as business strategies, combined with networking with the movers and shakers of the world is a full pallet, life-changing experience.” –Kelly Sullivan Walden, Author and founder of Dream-Life Coach Training

kyle-maynard“Dan Adams is one of the most disciplined and dedicated people I know. I’m sure most people would have balked at the idea of me becoming the first man to crawl on all fours to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro, but Dan was not among them. He stood by me through the good and the bad and together we succeeded in writing history. If the work calls for someone with a gentle spirit but also the tenacity and resilience of a pitbull, then Dan is going to be a good person to talk to.” –Kyle Maynard, Motivational Speaker, Author, & Owner of No Excuses Crossfit
eric-greitens“Through his work on Mission Kilimanjaro, Dan has shown that great obstacles can be conquered if you are motivated by a higher purpose and are surrounded by a great team. The message Dan is sending is a crucial one, especially to our nation’s veterans who return from combat facing both the visible and invisible wounds of their service. I was especially proud when Dan and his climbing team reached the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro, and I know that Dan will continue to be a leader and push boundaries in all that he does.” –Eric Greitens, Author of The Heart & The Fist & CEO of The Mission Continues
eric-weihenmayer“I met Dan last summer and was immediately impressed by his energy and enthusiasm. Since then, I have discovered that he is a hard worker who is very diligent. He cares about doing things right and is willing to put in the time it takes. This was proved when he organized the Mission Kilimanjaro project, a huge undertaking with a daunting task. The team’s success was largely due to Dan’s efforts. We look forward to working with him on other No Barriers projects in the future.” –Erik Weihenmayer, Author of Touch The Top Of The World & Founder of No Barriers USA
thad-roberts“Dan Adams is a passionate and dedicated individual that is actively improving our world. I support and recommend Mr. Adams in his endeavors and believe that any expedition adventure company would find him a great contribution. Mr. Adams has been a key figure in the Mission Kilimanjaro project, a project that has touched many hearts and given hope to all those that have been associated with it. He has set clear goals for himself and he takes the necessary actions to accomplish those goals. Mr. Adams is fighting for a future in which more people explore their own boundaries, push past them and forever alter their perceptions of limitations. I look forward to seeing the impact he makes on our future.” –Thad Roberts, Philosopher of Physics, Adventurer, and Subject of The NY Times Best Seller, Sex On The Moon
warren-macdonald“I have been involved with numerous expeditions over the years and am intimately aware of the focus, attention to detail and relentless pursuit of a goal that it takes to run one successfully. The leadership exhibited by Dan in leading Kyle Maynard and crew in Mission Kilimanjaro to the mountains summit was second to none. In record time too I might add. Well done Dan. Mission accomplished!” –Warren MacDonald, Inspirational Keynote Speaker & Founder of Warren MacDonald’s Solution Revolution
patrick“Dan has it all. In my mind, he represents the best of today and the promise of tomorrow when it comes to vision, leadership and follow-thru. Insightful, intuitive, innovative and adaptive…he leads with a true heart and ultimate conviction to goals of everyone involved. I am eager to work on more projects with Dan and am confident he will find pathways to success in any endeavor.” –Patrick Conreaux, Vice President of IMG Live LLC
aaron-faulls“Everyone has different motivations, a different impetus that drives us to succeed. We all have our own peaks and summits that we’re shooting for; some higher than others. Dan Adams is the rarest of breed: the peaks and summits he shoots for – and reaches – are some of the highest a person can attempt…both literally and figuratively. Dan’s motivated by his desire to see not only himself reach those lofty peaks, but he’s committed to helping, encouraging and motivating others to reach them as well – not in spite of him, not because of him, but WITH him. This is what separates Dan Adams from just about every single person I’ve met or had the pleasure of working with: his motivation is not just to see himself succeed, but every single person around him.” –Aaron Faulls, Writer & Filmmaker
stephanie-dandan“Back in October I photographed and participated in The Higher Purpose Project. People have asked me, what is it? And usually my explanation turns more into a story than just a sentence. It was so hard to define it in one sentence. Imagine going to the mountains and being placed under one roof with “strangers” for four days. I knew a few of them through phone interactions and pixelated connections, but most I’ve never met in person. In these four days you embark upon what would turn out to be one of the most transformative four days of your life. Each workshop is designed for physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional evolution. These people open up their hearts, their minds, their souls to you and everyone else. And you do the same, these people become family. This is what happens when we all reveal the little cracks in our hearts to others, they fill it with love and all the bliss they’ve ever known. The cracks, after all, is the only way to let light in. And after those four days of mind and soul expansion, no matter where you all go back to or wander about, this experience, this family, these days of evolution is imprinted in you. –Stephanie Dandan,
alexi-panos“During the 2014 Winter Summit, I got to lead a workshop on moving from Head to Heart during The Higher Purpose Project in GA. What I initially entered as a cool speaking opportunity was essentially one of the best weekends of my life. I got to participate in all aspects of what HPP offered and I made lifelong friendships, broke through layers of myself that I didn’t even realize I could go deeper into, and got back to the basics of LOVE. I’m so grateful for everything that took place at The Higher Purpose Project. My workshop title proved to be prophetic… My heart exploded with love!! Alexi Panos, Former HGTV Host and Founder of E.P.I.C.


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Catalyst Week Speaker Series w/ The Higher Purpose Project & E.P.I.C.

Living With Purpose: The Art of Being & Doing July 24-26th, 2014  This past month, we have partnered with CatalystCreativ on a week centered around connecting to ourselves, providing value on a global scale, and supporting each other on our paths to living a life with purpose. The speaker series featured talks by changemakers who are […]

The Higher Purpose Project Summit Experience

A glimpse into The Higher Purpose Project Summit experience that takes place quarterly around the World. APPLY NOW for an opportunity to join this amazing group of fellow super heroes. #BeYourOwnHero #JusticeLeague  Be Your Own Hero Summit, May 2014 (Granby, CO) Phoenix Rising Summit, May 2014 (Granby, CO) HPP Winter Summit, January 2014 (Tallulah Falls, […]

Frequently Asked Questions


Application & Tuition


We are very proud of those that have taken the leap to create change in local communities and scholarships are available based  upon financial need of the applicant. Great teachers that lead by example are very much needed in our classrooms and we promise to accommodate all budgets to make The Higher Purpose Project a reality for those that wish to participate. Will you take the leap?


Our team has provided early sign up incentives for those on a tight budget since we don’t believe that cost should be a deterrence. We promise to work with each member to ensure personal needs are met from a financial perspective.

Early Sign Up Incentive: If accepted and sign up is completed by August 1st, attendees will receive a $175 discount bringing total cost to $1200.

**Please be aware that our selection process is very competitive and some referrals may not be admitted into the program due to high demand and limited spots.


Our team has made a conscious choice to keep the HPP experience as intimate as possible. 25 special individuals from around the world will be hand selected to take part each quarter (100 outliers on an annual basis). 15 Reunion Attendees will also be given the opportunity to join the new members each quarter.

During our 2013 Fall Launch in October, we had 25 attendees from 6 countries and 14 different US States.


If accepted, a one time lifetime membership fee of $1375 will be required. Our team has provided early sign up incentives, a “bring a friend” referral program, and flexible payment options for those on a tight budget since we don’t believe that cost should be a deterrence. We promise to work with each member to ensure personal needs are met from a financial perspective.

Early Sign Up Incentive: If accepted and sign up is completed by March 1st, attendees will receive a $175 discount bringing total cost to $1200.

**Please be aware that our selection process is pretty competitive and some referrals may not be admitted into the program due to high demand and limited spots.

Payment Options: If an attendee would like to pay in monthly installments based upon financial needs we are happy to accommodate a flexible payment plan (3 & 6 Month Installment Options Available). This will be handled on an individual basis and will be discussed once an applicant is accepted.

Student Discount: If an applicant is accepted that is currently enrolled in an undergraduate program, an additional discount may be applied to tuition. This discount will be assessed on an individual basis based upon financial need of the perspective attendee.

Included In Cost Of The Program:

  • Complimentary Shuttle Arrival/Departure
  • Special Welcome Dinner
  • 3 night, 4 day stay at all inclusive mountain resort
  • Access to HPP Leadership Team
  • Lifetime Membership to HPP Network
  • Open Invitation to attend Annual HPP Reunions with fellow members

Yes. If attendees do not feel that the program is a good fit after 30 days, our team will gladly refund your money prior to the departure for the HPP Summit without any questions asked.


Student Discount: If an applicant is accepted that is currently enrolled in an undergraduate program, an additional discount may be applied to tuition. This discount will be assessed on an individual basis based upon financial need. For additional details, please email our team at


Included In Cost Of The Program:

  • Complimentary Shuttle To Summit Location From Airport (Arrival & Departure)
  • Exclusive Welcome Dinner
  • 3 night, 4 day stay at all inclusive mountain resort
  • Access to HPP Leadership Team
  • Lifetime Membership to HPP Network
  • Invitation To Attend Annual HPP Reunions w/ fellow members

We focus on mindset rather than age and do not tailor to a specific age group. In our 2013 Pilot and Fall Launch, we had attendees that ranged from 19 to mid 50′s.


After applying, a member of our team will contact you to ask additional questions about your application. If our team feels that you will be a good fit for the program structure, as Skype call with be set up a member of The Higher Purpose Project Leadership Team.

If accepted, a financial assistance plan will be set up with each attendee to ensure monetary obligations can be comfortably met. Our team will also provide perspective attendees with the cheapest flights to the HPP Summit location. Additional details will be provided by the HPP Leadership Team.


The overall structure of HPP provides ample time for attendees to tend to current work and personal responsibilities while building their new direction. The only commitment required of members is attending the 4 day HPP Summit.

We can promise you that this experience will be well worth your time and will enhance your lifestyle!


The application deadline for the 2014 Summer launch is August 15th, 2014. Please be aware that spots will fill up quickly for this intimate experience so we highly recommend applying as soon as possible. We have received hundreds of applications over the past few weeks and will be spending the next 3 months carefully reviewing our pool of prospective attendees. Don’t wait until the last minute to apply!

**Early sign up incentives will be offered through August 1st, 2014


It is the hopes of the creators of The Higher Purpose Project to set up a small “start up” fund to re-invest in the ideas of fellow attendees, helping to empower visions and bring them to reality. Our platform is not based upon monetary goals and we will look for additional ways of exchange as we continue to expand.

A portion of proceeds will be directly donated to The Valhalla Movement led by Jordan Lejuwaan and Marc Coppola. To learn more about this amazing initiative please click this link: Valhalla Movement Mission Statement



The Higher Purpose Project focuses on the principles of love, compassion, and acceptance without emphasizing specific religious beliefs. Founders of the Higher Purpose Project believe in the power of metaphor found in all religions and will empower attendees to come to their own conclusions about the universe through direct experiences. Joseph Campbell’s “Hero’s Journey” is an underlying theme instilled in the HPP Summit experience that attendees will better understand through participating in the program.


All members will have lifetime access to the HPP network, consisting of leadership team, fellow attendees, and future members. Continuing education will be provided via private social media forums and annual HPP Reunions will be offered at a discounted price for each member.

**Attendees will also be given an option of personalized coaching by the HPP Leadership Team at the conclusion of the program if more 1 on 1 assistance is needed.

HPP Summit


The goal with the HPP Summit is to get attendees outside of their traditional routine and reconnect with nature, however, you will not have to be an Eagle Scout to enjoy this experience. No previous outdoor experience is required to succeed in this intimate event.

All resort locations will provide Wi-Fi, hot showers, central heating, prepared meals, warm beds, and many of the basic amenities that you enjoy at home.


Yes, attendees of all fitness levels will be able to enjoy the HPP Summit. That being said, we ask that each member come in the best shape possible to maximize the experience. Why not take accountability for your physical health while participating in this program?


The HPP program empowers attendees to take control of their physical health and will provide healthy, organic menu options for each prepared meal. Attendees will have an opportunity to choose between many vegetables, fruits, lean protein sources, and gluten free options to ensure dietary  needs are met.


Hard Boiled Eggs
Old Fashioned Oatmeal (Unsweetened)
Quinoa Flakes
Fruit (blueberries, apples, pineapple, and strawberries)
Milk (1% or Skim) and Almond Milk
Ezekial Bread w/ Almond Butter
Green Tea
Green Smoothies
Warm Healthy Soups (Chicken Noodle, Tomato, Vegetable)
Salad Bar (Kale, Spinach, Tomatoes, Green Pepper, Mushrooms, Carrots, Celery
Salad Dressings (Balsamic Vinagrette and Any Other Dressing You Have)
Lean Meat Option: Chicken, Turkey, Fish, and Steak (Seasoned In Different Ways)
Hard Boiled Eggs that weren’t used in the morning (chopped up)
Ezekial Bread w/ Peanut Butter or Almond Butter
Juice, Milk (1% or Skim), Green Tea, Coffee
Green Smoothies
Lean Meat Option: Fish (Salmon or White Fish), Chicken, Turkey, or Lean Sirloin Steak
Brown Rice, Quinoa, Sweet Potato
Steamed Vegetables (Kale, Broccoli, Spinach, Carrots)
Corn On The Cobb
Green Tea
Milk (1% or Skim) or Almond Milk

**We will be sure to accommodate all food allergies. Just let our team know prior to departing for the HPP Summit.


Attendees will be asked to pack light to practice the art of simplicity and to avoid cramping space in transportation shuttles. If selected all detailed information will be provided by our leadership team.

**Please remember that the resort location for The Higher Purpose Project is always in the mountains which causes an increase an altitude and a drop in temperature at night. Plan accordingly by packing warm clothing options!

◦ shirts
◦ shoes
◦ flip flops
◦ Warm jacket
◦ socks
◦ boots
◦ swimsuit
◦ Hat or visor
◦ sweater/sweatshirts
◦ gloves
◦ lake shoes
◦ Pajamas
◦ underwear
◦ Sleeping bag
◦ small pillow
◦ pillow case
◦ sheets (optional)
◦ Soap
◦ comb/brush
◦ sun block
◦ Toothbrush
◦ toothpaste
◦ chap stick
◦ Wash cloth
◦ towels
◦ shampoo/ conditioner
MISCELLANEOUS (Recommended/Optional)
◦ Camera, film, video recorder
◦ IPAD/IPhone/IPOD w/ Recharger
◦ Water bottle
◦ flashlight (headlamp if you have one)
◦ Healthy Snacks
◦ Tea Bags/Instant Coffee
◦ Coffee Mug
◦ Anything You Would like to share with the group


The 2014 Summer Summit Agenda has not been released, however, here is an example of our 2013 Fall Summit Agenda. We have to leave a few surprises!:

Thursday 10.10.2013

12:00pm: Pickup from LAX Terminal B (Timothy Bradley International Airport, LAX)

Shuttle Drivers: Sam Solie, Jared Sullivan, Cam Adair, Eric James

12:45pm: Arrival at Manhattan Beach

  • Opening Remarks/Intros/Ground Rules
  • 30 min Yoga/Meditation
  • Swim & Change

2:00pm: Shuttle To Big Bear Lake, CA (Authentic Question Exercise)

  • Bus Rotation/Stretch at Lookout

5:00pm: Arrival at Resort

5:00pm-5:45pm: Unload Luggage/ Unpack/ Settle In

6:00pm: Opening Ceremony

  • Ritual/Blessing/Intention

7:00pm: Dinner (freestyle)

8:00pm: Authentic Relating (Wagner Lodge)

9:00pm- Fire Pit Orientation w/ Drummer

  • Highlight/lowlight/ insight game (Jeanine Cerundolo)

10:30pm: Relax/Sleep

Friday 10.11.2013

6:15am: Wake Up Call (Chime)

6:45am: Meditation/Yoga/ Gratitude w/ Jeanine Cerundolo

7:30am: Breakfast

8:15am: Jeanine Cerundolo (Dreams & Ideals)

9:15am: Break (30 min)

9:45am: Phil Drolet (Limiting Beliefs & Stories)

11:30am-12:30pm: Mindful Lunch (Awareness & Blessings)

12:30-1:15pm: Prompt w/ Journaling

1:15pm-2:45pm: Community Building Time (Ropes Course)

2:45pm-3:00pm: Check In/ Break

3:00pm-4:00pm: Passion/Dream Project & Biggest Obstacle/ Inner Fears

  • Pair Share (Partner presents the other person’s dream to whole group)

4:00pm-5:00pm: Austin Szelkowski (Entrepreneur Thought Experiments)

5:00pm: Inner Reflection (30 min solitude & reconnect with nature)

5:30pm-6:30pm: Dinner w/ Nutrition Talk (Phil & Dan)

6:45pm-7:45pm: Kelly Sullivan Walden (The Power of Dreams & Subconscious)

8:00pm: Campfire

  • Stephanie Dandan presentation
  • Drumming Circle
  • Authentic Storytelling

10:30pm: Relax/Sleep

 Saturday 10.12.2013

6:15am: Wake Up Call (Chimes)

6:45am: Meditation/Yoga/ Gratitude w/ Jeanine Cerundolo

7:30am: Breakfast

8:15am: Kelly Sullivan Walden (Dream Circle Activities)

9:00am: Break

9:15am-10:30am: Laura Fredrickson (Abundance, Alignment, & Reflective Exercises)

10:30am-10:45am: Prepare for Hike (Change Clothes & Put On Appropriate Shoes)

11:00am: Hike (Karen Lundgren & Jordan Romero)

12:30pm-1:30pm: Dan Adams (Confronting Darkness On The Summit)

  • “I AM” Exercise w/ Jeanine Cerundolo

3:00pm: Return, Break (Jeanine C. Shuttle)

4:00pm-6:00pm: Mastermind Group w/ Eric James

6:30pm: Dinner

8:00pm: Campfire

  • Burn Limiting Beliefs
  • Create New Reality
  • Campfire Songs

10:00pm: Relax/ Sleep

 Sunday 10.13.2013

6:15am: Wake Up Call (Chimes)

6:45am: Meditation/ Yoga/ Gratitude w/ Phil Drolet

7:15am: Breakfast

7:30am: Thad Roberts (Starting Anew, Beginner’s Mindset, Q&A)

8:30am: Monique Evans (Your Spirit Calls)

9:30am-10:15am: Pack Up Belongings & Load In Vans

10:30am-12:00pm: Closing Circle

  • Phil Drolet (Take Aways & Productivity)
  • Announcing Intentions & 30 Day Challenge
  • Appreciation of Others/Goodbyes

12:00pm- Load up vans and depart.

3:00pm: Drop Off at LAX


The HPP Summit will take place at various locations around the World, however, since it’s inception in 2012 it has taken place in three locations.

2013 Pilot Launch: Big Bear Lake, CA


2013 Fall Launch: Big Bear Lake, CA


2014 Winter Launch: Tallulah Falls, GA

156392_818519268821_1468941751_n-22014 Spring Summit Launch: Granby, CO



For the 2014 Summer Launch, the HPP Summit will take place at a resort in the Berkshire Mountains in Western Massachusetts.

**Attendees will be asked to arrive at BOS (Boston International Airport) before 11am on the arrival date and depart after 4pm on the departure date to ensure adequate time to travel to and from our resort location in the Berkshire Mountains.



Air: Attendees will be asked to book flights that will arrive at Boston International Airport (Logan) before 11am on August 28th (BE YOUR OWN HERO SUMMIT) or September 4th (PHOENIX RISING SUMMIT) and depart after 4pm on August 31st (BE YOUR OWN HERO SUMMIT) or September 7th (PHOENIX RISING SUMMIT). We recommend using ITA Software to book the cheapest possible airfare to BOS from your departure location. Our team is happy to work with accepted members to accommodate travel needs.

Driving: For those driving, directions to our location will be provided by the HPP leadership team.

**Complimentary shuttles to our final destination will be provided to  as a part of the program. Shuttles will pick up attendees at Noon (sharp) on the arrival date and drop off at the same location around 4pm on the departure date.

Do you have any additional questions? Please feel free to email us at #BeYourOwnHero

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