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Higher Purpose Podcast Episode #4: Rudy Ruettiger

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In this episode of The Higher Purpose Podcast, we discuss the underdog mentality and how to utilize it in different facets of your life. We interview Daniel “Rudy” Ruettiger, the inspiration behind the award winning film, “Rudy”, and the founder of The Rudy Foundation. To learn more about Rudy Ruettiger’s work, please visit:

Highlights of the Podcast

  • The difference between a victim and an underdog, lies in our approach to taking on a new challenge. When you feel overwhelmed, view yourself as an underdog, take action, and celebrate the small victories.
  • We are all considered an underdog in some facet of our life. Be compassionate towards those willing to try.
  • Praising work ethic is far more powerful than praising talent. Cultivate this in youth through encouragement of work ethic and character.
  • The dark side of the underdog mentality is letting anger and resentment dictate your path. Be pro-active in establishing a powerful “why” behind your pursuits rather than being reactive to your environment.

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