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Higher Purpose Podcast Episode #5: Chris McDougall

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In this episode of The Higher Purpose Podcast, we discuss the concept of luck and how to “create” more of it when confronting a new obstacle. We interview Chris McDougall , the author of the national best seller, Born To Run, and former AP investigative journalist.

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Highlights of Podcast

  • ¬†We define the concept of luck and discuss the qualities and characteristics that increase the probability of it occurring
  • Chris McDougall talks about his early experiences freelancing and how it built the foundation for the national best seller, Born To Run.
  • We discuss the correlation between luck and the number of quality relationships you have in your life.
  • The importance of learning from direct experience, developing an awareness of needs, and delivering real value through being willing to get your hands dirty
  • Chris shares his philosophy of “glad to be here” and how he embraces new environments
  • Developing a personal work style that is right for you. Chris shares how he avoids the traditional 9-5 work day, making the choice to be active on his farm and working at night.

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