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The Higher Purpose Podcast Episode #2 – Mandy Harvey

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In this episode of The Higher Purpose Podcast, we explore how to hear your inner voice, the benefits of listening to it, and how to use it to take empowered action. We interview singer/songwriter Mandy Harvey, who lost her hearing yet continued to pursue her dream of becoming an award winning vocalist. We also provide key insights that will help you start listening to your inner voice in order to take action.

You can find the information discussed in this episode at the following links:

Talking to Ourselves: The Science of the Little Voice in Your Heads:

Silence is the Latest Trend in Luxury Resorts:

Meisner is Theaters Best Kept Secret:

TED Talk by John Francis, Walk the Earth: My 17 Year Vow of Silence:

To learn more about Mandy Harvey and to purchase her music, visit her website:

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